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Technology for 3D-Data communication and 3D-Visualization

Product Highlights

CAD-Daten in o2c konvertierenInteractive 3D visualization of complex geometric data

The o2c technology enables you to present three dimensional objects in a compact format at a very high speed. You can view detailed 3D objects in the o2c player detailed from all angles, animate elements for presentation purposes and simulate complex movements. Even use existing CAD data as the basis for your o2c objects.

Architects can save their design as an o2c object and send the file as an email attachment to their client. Customers can then use the free o2c player to view the file, helping design discussions and consultations without the customer needing to use and understand CAD software.

TürkonfiguratorIntelligent interaction with the o2c player

Zoom, rotate, view from all angles: The o2c player provides all the required navigation elements for viewing 3D objects. The o2c player’s biggest advantage shows when the o2c object is integrated in a website and the web interface communicates with the object. By clicking or by drag and drop, products can be configured intuitively, textures can be exchanged and product details can be displayed or animated. By combining the player with a supporting database, user-friendly parts catalogues can be created using o2c technology.

o2c-Konvertierung aus ArConCompact data for perfect internet presentations

One of the biggest advantages of o2c objects is their file size. Even very complex CAD models with a large amount of geometric data can be compressed and saved as compact data files utilizing o2c technology.

Office-Integrationo2c player embedded in MS-Office documents

The easy integration of the o2c player into MS-Office documents offers many creative possibilities. Enhance proposals, reports and presentations with interactive 3D objects. Impress your audience with self-explaining 3D animations within your PowerPoint presentation, or integrate simulations into training documents.

Online-Planner für MesseständeIndividually programmable for your own applications

The o2c technology offers a number of interfaces to programming languages (Visual Basic, C++, JavaScript etc.) to enable you to integrate the player in your applications. Using the API you can adjust the parameters of the o2c player to fit your application's needs. You can create a CAD viewer, a CD application and much more. Our very reasonable and transparent licensing model enables you to have your o2c ideas become reality.

Druckansicht InneneinrichtungPrintable image export of the 3D objects

Determine the distance to the object, chose the perspective and save your on-screen view as a high resolution image: The o2c player can export using many different image formats and resolutions. The resolution can be chosen for each rendered image to fit your requirements. Print quality renderings can be created with a maximum size of approx. 20 in x 20 in (50 x 50 cm).

MontagehilfeUtilized for presentations, trainings and prototyping

Proven in the real world: Our customers use o2c technology for their B2B as well as B2C communications. Create intuitive online configurators by interfacing o2c with your online shop. Visualize complex object movements for internal trainings or 3D documentations. Use o2c to market your latest creations with animations that make a lasting impression on your customers.


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