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License conditions


o2c-Player and o2c-Objects

Free of charge

The license conditions in detail:
The o2c-Player is provided to the user at no cost for private as well as commercial use. The conversion or creation of o2c-Business-Objects is subject to fees. The integration of the 02c Player in 3rd party software and the distribution of such software as well as the commercial use of modified versions of the o2c Player require a license agreement which has to be negotiated on an individual basis. Since the o2c Player is provided to the user free of charge all risks associated with the use of the software are with the user – Eleco does not warrant the software.

License fees

Read more about the different kinds of o2c-objects in the right column.

Different kinds of o2c-Objects

For Economy-Objects no license fees are required. You can, for example with the o2c Converter, create as many objects for non-commercial use as you would like. One use for those would also include the creation of test objects. The following limitation apply to Economy-Objects in comparison to Business-Objects: In the footer of the o2c Player’s graphic the text “Eleco Software GmbH, powered by ArCon und o2c” appears and in the context menu a short comment about the o2c license model “Economy” as well as a link to appears.


For Business-Objects a license fee applies. They have no restrictions and can be used for commercial purposes. They can be copied as much as needed and can be used without limitations. An info URL can be saved in the object and will appear in the context menu. The authors who created the objects can link to their websites and promote their products when the objects are being copied and distributed.
  • For the creation as well as conversion of o2c-Objects (Economy as well as Business-Objects) Eleco offers a configurator named o2c-Converter.
  • The o2c-Converter is capable of opening objects in 3DS format; compile them into Ensembles and save them as o2c or e3d objects.
  • To create Business-Objects it is necessary to acquire the desired number of licenses. The license fees are as followed:
    • 10 € per object excluding VAT.
    • 1.950 € excluding VAT per year for an unlimited number of objects (flat rate)


The use of the o2c-Constructor is free for non-commercial use. For demonstration purposes, e.g. if you want to offer services based on the use of the o2c-Constructors, you can acquire a free license for your demo application from us and might be featured on For the use on commercial websites or CD-ROMs we are happy quote you a price for such a license. Please contact the product manager Stefan Meier, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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