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The E3D Format

o2c player

Since the introduction of version 2.0 of the o2c Player, the Player supports a new format: .e3d

By using an advanced method of compression, .e3d objects require less memory when compared to .o2c and without loss of detail.

With the .e3d format, it is now possible to generate complex dynamic object groups e.g. the ability to save a configuration in a single object. These objects can then be imported and used in software applications such as ArCon.

An important new feature of the .e3d format are materials and textures. Multi-layered textures are now possible to give objects a more realistic feel. Additionally, the .e3d format supports the use of 'bump mapping' to give an object a raised texture surface. The surface roughness can be simulated without changing the geometry of the object.

The ability to provide an object with a magnet has been refined in the .e3d format. In conjunction with the new Player, this allows for objects to easily snap together when used in configurators and planning applications.

The o2c Player continues to support the original .o2c format.

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