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Service tools for textures, materials and o2c-parameters

Textures and Materials

Using Javascript you can change textures and materials of o2c-objects. For these actions, you need the material- and texture-indicees of the objects surfaces to be modified. This tool shows the indicees of the surface the mouse hovers above.

This Tool informs about Texture-, Materialindices and Texturenames:



o2c-Objects contain a big number of parameters.These can be read or modified for different aims. This tool informs about a lot of o2c-parameters and allows to change them.

This tool shows o2c-Parameter.

About information / help

To provide support for the handling, integration and use of our products, we have composed the guides listed below. If you have additional questions, just call our service hotline or email. We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.


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