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Integrating the o2c-Player into Microsoft Word

To insert the o2c-Player to a Word-Document, you need the Controlelement-Toolbox. If not visible choose View - Symbolpanels -> Controlelement-Toolbox.

In the Controlelement-Toolbox choose the Button "More Controlelements" (hammer + spanner) which opens a list, that also contains the o2c-player.

After choosing "o2c-Player" you use the Mouse to define the o2c-player's area in the page and choose afterwards from the context-menu (right mouse button):

o2c-Player -> Load Object...

to integrate the desired object into the Word-Document.

The o2c-object may now be moved or rotated after ending the draft-mode by the mouse. In this mode you can adjust parameters of the player like background, autom. rotation, animation, ... They are stored, when the Word-Document is stored.

Alternatively to this, you can enter Visual-Basic_Editor by double-clicking the object in the Edit-Mode of Word. You find a Properties window, in which you can adjust parameters. This is perhaps useful to change the rotation speed SpinPhi and SpinPsi.

ATTENTION The o2c-Object can not be seen in the draft-mode! If the Document is sent, the receiver should be informed about this.

About information / help

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