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Integrating the o2c-Player into a website

To integrate an o2c-object into a web-site, you have to double-click it in the Windows Explorer, so that the o2c-Player runs in its own window.

In this Player-Window, you adjust all parameters using the context-menu (right mouse button) as they shall appear on the web-site (size, background, autom. rotation, animation, zoom, etc...).

Afterwards choose the item "Copy HTML-Code...". A window appears, asking for the URL (path) of the object. This needs not to be changed, if the o2c-object is placed in the same directory as the HTML Document. If not, the relative path to the object has to be inserted.

The necessary HTML-Code is now copied to the Windows-Clipboard and can be pasted to the HTML editor with the desired Web-Site (Ctrl+C). Done!

In this pasted code you can change or add parameters (s. o2c-Helpfile / Properties). E.g. width or height may be defined not only in px. but also in %, relative to the window size.

When uploading the HTML-Document and the object be sure to use binary Upload-mode for the o2c-object.

About information / help

To provide support for the handling, integration and use of our products, we have composed the guides listed below. If you have additional questions, just call our service hotline or email. We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.


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